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    ASTD Training Evaluation Licensing Package

    The ASTD Training Evaluation Licensing Package is a must have resource for any training or learning department. Purchase this license and provide your department with the essentials of measuring learningfrom Kirkpatricks fundamentals to applications of evaluation assessment and ROI. This digital license allows you to make all these resources available not just to your learning group, but to your entire organization for the next six monthsno need to buy multiple copies of anythingthis all in one package delivers it all and at cost less than buying THREE copies each in print. This is the perfect resource for any learning department responsible for delivering training results. Try it TODAY!

    List Price: $379.00

    The Hidden Power of Kirkpatrick's Four Levels

    Despite being more than 50 years old, Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation are still relevant in today's training world.

    List Price: $10.00
    Member Price: $0.00

    Best of T+D: Measuring and Evaluating Learning (PDF e-print bundle)

    The Best of T+D: The Best of Measurement and Evaluation is a collection of some of the most-popular, most-accessed articles from T+D covering topics including determining learning ROI, using Kirkpatricks Four Levels, and measuring learnings strategic value.

    List Price: $49.99
    Member Price: $0.00

    Leveling the levels

    Instead of lamenting about learning and its influence on practice and outcomes, let's examine how changes in learning grant an opportunity to rethink the ways we plan and measure.

    List Price: $10.00
    Member Price: $0.00

    Improving Customer Service Skills

    Every organization has certain stressful jobs that particularly influence the organization's performance. [Download PDF]

    List Price: $15.95
    Member Price: $12.95

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