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    ASTD’s Best On Informal Learning (PDF Download)

    Informal learning has always been a part of workplace learning and development. And looking into the future, informal learning will continue to be a crucial component of learning strategies, regardless of industry or geography. This collection includes the best content on how to design, measure, and support informal learning to make it a valuable partner along with your other strategic learning initiatives.

    List Price: $89.95
    Member Price: $74.95

    The New Social Learning (A Content Express eBook)

    Social media enables people to learn from one another in extraordinarily creative ways. Learn why it is the ideal solution to some of the most pressing educational challenges organizations face today.

    List Price: $19.95
    Member Price: $17.95

    Making E-Learning Stick: Techniques for Easy and Effective Transfer of Technology-Supported Training (PDF Download)

    Making E-Learning Stick is comprised of 25+ easy-to-implement, low- or no-cost techniques that will increase learning transfer in both asynchronous e-learning and live virtual training.

    List Price: $32.95
    Member Price: $27.95

    Using the Experience API to Track Learning (PDF Download)

    Understand how the Experience API software standard can help your organization track and report unstructured, social, and informal learning consistently and reliably.

    List Price: $24.95
    Member Price: $19.95

    Twitter for Trainers (PDF Download)

    Twitter can help you promote your brand, conduct more efficient training, and share information with your colleagues and potential clients. Use this Infoline to help you get started!

    List Price: $24.95
    Member Price: $19.95

    ASTD's Best On T&D Trends

    The world moves fast, but training and development professionals must move faster. ASTD’s Best On T&D Trends is a collection of 18 selections from ASTD books, Infoline issues, and T+D articles that represents some of the best reporting on trends impacting the profession.

    List Price: $89.95
    Member Price: $74.95

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