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The Promise of Phase 3 [Digital Edition]

If you break down the learning and development process into three phrases, heres what youll get: Phase 1: activities that happen prior to a learning event. Phase 2: the learning event. Phase 3: the posttraining follow-through. For years now, learning and development efforts and dollars have been focused primarily on Phase 2. Research, however, shows that its the events that happen after training that make the training stick. Thus, its apparent that Phase 3 activities are underfunded and underemphasized. An effective Phase 3 process provides an enormous benefit to an organization because it enhances the degree to which any learning is put into practice; thus, it leverages the investment made in Phase 2 learning events. To improve Phase 3, a new environment must be created that provides periodic reminders to participants about the learned behavior and encourages that behaviors use. A few tips for better follow-up after training: *Space learning events over time. *Create buddy systems. *Coach online or by telephone. *Encourage mentorships. *Initiate job discussions. *Use 360-degree feedback surveys. *Send email reminders.

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