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Developing Great Managers: 20 “Power Hour” Conversations that Build Skills Fast [Paperback]

Develop high-profile managers who are hungry for learning and management excellence even when seriously short on time.

Developing Great Managers: 20 Power Hour Conversations that Build Skills Fast offers learning at a pace managers wont be able to refuseit only takes one hour! The 20 engaging, interactive, and practical power hour sessions offered in this book drive lively conversations and build solid manager skills at every level. Mix and match these hour-long sessions to create training tailored specifically to your organizational needs, and implement your program in a month, two months, or even longer. Title is complete with downloadable step-by-step instructions, detailed facilitator guides, handouts, and worksheets.

Author: Lisa Haneberg

Product SKU: 110810 ISBN: 978-1-56286-501-6
Pages: 176 pages/Digital Materials Publisher: ASTD Press
Pub Date: April 2008 Format: Paperback

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Product Code: 110810

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