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Welcome to the New Global Frontier [Digital Edition]

Significant changes in business have occurred since the emergence of the knowledge economy, and those changes are altering the roles of leaders.

Todays leaders live and work in countries other than their home country, manage multinational teams, and have customers from all over the globe. Anyone who is working outside his country of origin or with others from outside their country of origin needs to demonstrate an effective blend of global competencies. This is even more critical for leaders and requires blending cultural definitions of leadership with multiple geographic influences.

Today, a leader may be from France, working for an Australia-owned company and living in China. In my case, I am an American who relocated to India to work for an India-owned company.

The leadership techniques I had used weren't working for me in this part of the world. As I struggled with my own learning curve, I realized that many other people were embarking on the same type of leadership journey as I was.

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