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Scouting for Leaders [Digital Edition]

There is a major transformation taking place at Girl Scouts of the USA and it has nothing to do with cookies.

This 95-year-old not-for-profit organizations sweeping efforts to increase its appeal and relevance to 21st-century girls focus on leadership development and provable outcomes that benefit girls, families, and communities. Historically known as a premier leadership development organization, Girl Scouts is remaking itself with a revamped business developmental strategy.

The strategic transformation includes a new leadership philosophy, definition of leadership, and focus on leadership development for girls, volunteers, and staff professionals.

I think we need a new definition of leadership in this country, CEO Kathy Cloninger explains. When people, including girls, think about leadership, they still too often think of command and control or power and position. Girls in this country need a new definition of leadership so they can relate to it and aspire to it.

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