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Digital Human Capital Infoline + Books Bundle [Paperback]

Stay current on the latest in human capital with the Infoline Human Capital Subscription + Books Bundle!

The Human Capital Infoline subscription provides you with four new issues centered around human capital topics such as talent management, leadership, coaching, management development, and others. For more than 25 years, Infolines concise, easy-to-read format and how-to style has helped trainers learn an array of skills.

This subscription includes four new Infoline issues. Please allow 46 weeks for delivery of your first issue. Delivery schedule: March, June, September, December.

The Change Book provides a practical collection of tips and advice for anyone dealing with or managing organizational change. You will learn about change management, how to plan for change, how to create a communication strategy, and more.

10 Steps to Be A Successful Manager is a primer for on the job management excellence. Regardless of your years of experience, it provides a simple, straight-forward 10-step model to align your management practices for improved results and communications.

Coaching Basics presents a focused methodology with examples and exercises to help you perfect your coaching skills and effectively mentor others.

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