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Managing the Small Training Staff (In Action Case Study Series) [Paperback]

How can a small training staff improve an organization's performance? Small training departments can succeed in improving an organizations performance if they understand the key business challenges, focus on priorities, form partnerships with internal and external resources, and maintain a positive attitude. By following the strategies outlined in this book, lone trainers can survive and even thrive in todays challenging business environment. Managing the Small Training Staff is a compilation of 12 case studies that provide practical ideas for action and in-depth examples of what training departments that range in size from one part-time employee to five full-time people can accomplish. Representing a wide range of industries, the cases explain the challenges and opportunities small training departments face and describe specific success strategies and tactics that have proved useful.

Editor: Carol P. McCoy

Product SKU: 119804 ISBN: 978-1-56286-082-0
Pages: 248 pages Publisher: ASTD Press
Pub Date: 1998 Format: Softcover

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Product Code: 119804

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