10 Steps to Successful Meetings

Design and facilitate engaging, productive meetings.

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10 Steps To Be A Successful Manager

Become an exceptional manager; learn to motivate employees, communicate expectations effectively, and build great work teams.

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Project Management for Trainers (A Content Express eBook)

Create an efficient, effective training project management system.

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Developing Results: Aligning Learning’s Goals and Outcomes With Business Performance Measures (PDF)

Developing Results is intended to examine the ways in which high- performing organizations approach the evaluation of learning and tie that measurement to overall business performance.

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Learning’s Role in Employee Engagement: An ASTD Research Study

Employee engagement is one of the most important corporate issues today, given its impact on both[PDF download]

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The Self-Aware Leader: A Proven Model for Reinventing Yourself

Written by Fortune 100 executive Dan Gallagher, The Self-Aware Leader is a unique approach on how to become a more effective leader by increasing self-awareness in four pillars of leadership. By integrating the concepts of reinvention, servant leadership, and business transformation into a single framework that has been validated in research, The Self-Aware Leader emphasizes taking a calculated approach to change rather than merely reacting to change. The Self-Aware Leader also helps readers recognize three basic truths which are crucial to success within organizations: approaches to management have a shelf life; middle managers are frequently caught between “a rock and a hard place”; and, with conservatism on the rise, becoming and remaining an effective leader is extremely complex. This book offers two key takeaways; (1) a new mental framework on leadership more appropriate for today’s business conditions; and (2) a functional, practical plan for putting the newly learned concepts presented into daily practice.

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Learning’s Critical Role In Integrated Talent Management: Executive Summmary

Learnings Critical Role In Integrated Talent Management provides executives and learning professionals with important insights about how to effectively integrate talent management programs into the business process and better measure their results for organization success.

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Learning Executive’s Confidence Index, 2013 Q1(PDF Download)

ASTD’s  Learning Executives Confidence Index (LXCI) assesses the outlooks and expectations of learning executives for the next six months on a 100-point scale, modeled after the CEO Confidence Indices reported by Chief Executive Magazine and The Conference Board. 

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Learning to Innovate: Exploring Learning’s critical Role in Fostering Innovation Whitepaper (PDF download)

This Learning to Innovate research report will help any learning department or learning practitioner invigorate innovation across the organization.

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Strategic Learning Alignment: Make Training a Powerful Business Partner (A Content Express eBook)

Strategic Learning Alignment shows you how to align your training initiatives to organizational strategy to ensure training stays relevant and is seen by business leaders as vital to the organizations success.

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