10 Steps to Successful Training (A Content Express eBook)

A unique, results-driven guide to fast, practical training design and delivery.

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The Reluctant Trainer

There are many time-tested strategies to help subject matter experts...

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Training for Multiple Cultures (PDF Download)

This Infoline teaches the Cultural Adaptation Process (CAP) model to adapt learning for other cultures. [PDF Download]

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Creative Facilitation Techniques for Training (PDF Download)

This Infoline focuses on a variety of creative facilitation techniques for training and how to use them in many different environments. [PDF Download]

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How Can We Train You Today?

For customer service training to make meaningful strides, trainees must first walk...

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How to Evaluate Instructional Materials

This Infoline presents 20 questions you should ask and answer to make certain the instructional materials, and thus the training, are an effective and worthwhile investment. [PDF Download]

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Sales Training Basics (A Content Express eBook)

Sales Training Basics offers practical and field tested advice and cutting-edge techniques that help trainers design sales training programs suited a value-focused audience with an eye on the top line.

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Beyond Training Ain’t Performance Fieldbook (A Content Express eBook)

An implementation roadmap for incorporating human performance principles into your training and development programs.

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Customer Service Training (A Content Express eBook)

Develop knowledgeable, responsive customer relations specialists to improve customer satisfaction and raise the bar for service excellence.

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Understand and Use Behavioral Styles

This Infoline helps you understand different behavioral styles, assess the behavioral styles of those around you, and adapt your style to fit multiple situations. [PDF Download]

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